Orthopedic Treatments & Rehabilitation

Orthopedic Treatments & RehabilitationMore and more people are turning to medical tourism for solutions and orthopedic medicine is no exception to this trend.

In Greece, sophisticated orthopedic care is provided at top private hospitals offering a high quality alternative to insurance industry-driven health care woes. More and more people are turning to Greek hospitals in large numbers for quality orthopedic care that is affordable.

Orthopedic Care Centers in Greece

Orthopedic Treatments & RehabilitationEquipped with first generation medical technology, as well as rigorous safety precautions and sanitization regulations, internationally recognized hospitals and clinics are housed in state-of-the-art facilities that boast an environment of comfort and well being.

The medical centers are staffed with qualified surgeons, many of whom have trained at major hospitals and universities in the US and maintain membership in American Surgical Societies. All of the doctors and surgeons are renowned for their medical and surgical skill and provide health care services to those seeking superior health care quality. They regularly attend international conferences and remain up-to-date on the latest surgical techniques.

Orthopedic Treatments & RehabilitationAvailable procedures include orthopedic ad arthroscopic surgery, such as hip replacement, resurfacing, shoulder replacement, joint replacement, prosthetics, physical therapy and other orthopedic surgeries on hips, knees, spine, hand/foot and shoulders.

The majority of the orthopedic care medical centers feature special sections that provide Athletic Medicine services, orthopedic and sports physical therapy. Teams of physical therapists, certified athletic trainers and chiropractors specialize in caring for muscles, bones and joints for a variety of sport and orthopedic conditions, assisting patients to return to activity after injury, surgery or illness as quickly and as safely as possible. Orthopedic Treatments & Rehabilitation

Orthopedic Care Centers in Greece

ANAGENNISI Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre
Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre
Zip Code: 57001 Town: THESSALONIKI
Telephone: +30 2310 805905 Fax: +30 2313 805888
Medical Center of Physical Rehabilitation and Recovery
Address: 6th klm. National Road Trikala – Karditsa
Zip Code: 42100 Town: TRIKALA
Telephone: +30 24310 43207-208 -209 Fax: +30 24310 43143
email: info@reha.gr
Web: www.reha.gr
ANIMUS Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre
Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre
Address: 8th km of the Road Larissa - Trikala, P.O. Box: 1146
Zip Code:   Town: LARISSA
Telephone: +30 2410-851851 Fax: +30 2410-851585
Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre
Address: Volou and Meilihou, K. Syhaina
Zip Code: 26443 Town: PATRA
Telephone: +30 2611 100601 Fax: +30 2610 464115