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Fertility Treatments in GreeceA specialized subset of medical tourism is reproductive tourism and reproductive outsourcing, which is the practice of traveling abroad to undergo in-vitro fertilization, surrogate pregnancy and other assisted reproductive technology treatments including freezing embryos for retro-production.

Today, in-vitro fertilization treatment is a method widely used by couples with fertility problems. The fertility centres in Greece provide services for the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Relying on their long experience in assisted reproduction and cutting-edge lab equipment, the Greek fertility centres have a high success rate. Housed in modern buildings that give off a sense of safety, security and trust, friendly environment, an air of optimism and serene atmosphere, accredited scientists in each specialty (gynecologists, embryologists, urologists, psychologists, support specialists and dieticians), as well as excellent labs operating under strict international restrictions, ensure ideal conditions for a high rate of success.

Fertility Treatments in Greece Based on official data, the number of in-vitro cycles nears 15,000. In general, in-vitro fertilization enjoys a high rate of success in Greece, with 32.1% giving birth to twins, the second highest rate in Europe.

Reliability, the low cost for in-vitro fertilization and – up until recently – the absence of relative legislation attracted many couples from neighboring and other European countries to seek the services of the Greek fertility centres. Women from Bulgaria, the countries of the former Yugoslavia, FYROM, Albania and even Turkey, travel to Greece to undergo in-vitro fertilization. The childless Balkan couples cross their national borders attracted by the reliable, controlled and safe methods applied at Greek scientific centers. The fertility centres also attract many Greek immigrants from Germany or the USA where the cost is three times higher. The centers are also visited by couples from European Union states (Italy, Germany, Austria) and Australia where strict legislation prohibits the use of donor eggs. Fertility Treatments in Greece

Thus, visitors of fertility centres in Greece can perfectly combine a high standard treatment with holidays in ideal holiday destinations.

Fertility Centres in Greece

Assisted Reproduction Unit
Address: 7 Konstantinou Ventiri Str. (Hilton)
Zip Code: 115 28 Town: ATHENS
Telephone: +30 210 7236333 Fax: +30 210 7213623
IVF Centre
Address: 14-16 Papanikoli str., Chalandri
Zip Code: 152 32 Town: ATHENS
Telephone: +30 210 68 94 326 Fax: +30 210 68 90 897
IVF Centre
Address: 3 Kifisias Avenue, Marousi
Zip Code: 151 23 Town: ATHENS
Telephone: +30 210 6828150 - 2 Fax: +30 210 6836090