Ophthalmiatreion of Athens - Eye Hospital

Specialized Eye Hospital

Part of General Hospital Evaggelismos - Ophthalmiatreio - Policliniki

The Specialized Eye Hospital Ophthalmiatreion of Athens - Eye Hospital is one of the oldest European ophthalmic Hospitals which is up to this day a scientific point of reference for the ophthalmological community. This is due to its exemplary structure, its high scientific status, as well as its specialized medical and nursing staff and state of the art technology.

The Ophthalmiatreion - Eye Hospital consists of two ophthalmic clinics, which cater as an all-round diagnostic, therapeutic and nursing unit. It is also a specialized teaching hospital, fully adapted to the operational requirements of modern Ophthalmology and covering all its fields.

It offers subspecialty clinics, such as Medical Retina, Surgical Retina, Lasers and PDT, Cornea and Keratoplasty Service, Glaucoma, Ultrasounds, Uveitis, Orthoptics and the Refractive Surgery Unit. All clinics are staffed by highly trained and specialized medical practitioners.

The historic building of the Opthalmiatreion - Eye Hospital was recently renovated and currently houses four modern operating theaters with five surgical beds and equipment of the latest technology. It boasts yet another two operating theaters for refractive surgery and cross-linking in a space designed especially for the purpose. Surgical cases, covering the whole spectrum of ophthalmology, are treated within the day. These include advanced cataract procedures, penetrating and lamellar keratoplasty, retinal detachment surgeries, minimal invasive vitrectomies, macula surgeries, trabeculectomy and glaucoma implants, strabismus surgeries, eyelid surgeries, intravitreal injections and correction of refractive disorders (myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia) using laser.

The Hospital provides a wide range of teaching and in-training programs for residents in ophthalmology, as well as seminars for continuous education and post-graduate tuition. Its activities also include research trials, clinical studies, and scientific publications. Particular focus is given to the coordination of conferences, clinical courses and symposiums.

Based on its excellent facilities, its specialized structure and expert staff, the Ophthalmiatreion Eye Hospital offers health services of the highest quality throughout the day. A great number of patients with problems of different degrees of urgency and a variety of surgical needs are being successfully treated at a constant flow.

Contact Info

26 El.Venizelou & 2 Sina Streets, 10672, Athens, Greece
Telephone: +30 213 2052704, 213 2052852
Email: lazik@ophthalmiatreio.gr